Monday, October 13, 2008

i had very drunk night

i arrived to my home around 5 am .. trying to open the door but i cant .. mum heard my keys sound and open the door .. she was praying el fajr ..
why u late ? .. she asked me .. and i going street to my room .. closed the door and then my bed .. closed my eyes .. and started dreaming before sleep ..
i dreaming by call ..just a call from the guy i met from few day's the guy i feel his clam when i touched ..
wow .. i cant image that's it's the 1st time i feel a clam of guy from more than 2 years ..
every time i had fun .. i get non-enjoying .. but with him all was deff.
i dreaming by touched him again and kiss his lips
the time i met .. i had no fun with him .. but i was extremely happy .. just because i'm with him ..
i know .. maybe that's NOT love .. and maybe it's .. i miss him so much now.
now i'm in very bad mood ..and don't know what will happen..
beside um not sure about anythin .. like .. if i am into relationship or no .. ? my heart is ready for love ? ... my life is ready for partner ?
everythin is not going well .. rabena yestor

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

is it love ?

when i was in my way from ra'as sedr to Cairo we got a rest in the way and the majorty are come get out to buy food or drinks from the coffee ..
and then ii saw a guy around 17 years old with old man around 50 years old .. from the 1st Glance i had a feeling told me there is homo relationship between the both .. i told my friends and they said like " hey common he's father and with his son "!
i didn't care alote .. but the touch between them hands is not touch betwen father and son .. it's another one .. i can feel !
after few mins we back to the bus and after hour we stopped in another rest .. all ppl in bus is going out expte those both .. i forgot something and going back to the bus to get it .. and i saw the both with the linked fingers .. and having a deep look to them eyes ! when they saw me stop this case !
maybe they're linked as gays and maybe not .. who's know?

i do agree with any relationship between any ones .. it's them freedom ..but the point's when some relationship between 2 gays .. there one of them must to be top and the other must to be bottom .. by the way i mean in life not in bed !
at least i do repaid it's them freedom .. i'm not against any one !

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Elqaradawy satements about she'aa and the funny articles from Hewedy and one of muslime brotherhood

yes, when i read it .. i cant stop smiling ..
... when el qaradwy say his statement about el shea'a in middle east and he appeared his worry from the spread of shea'a way in egypt ..
and then we got artical from the radical islamic writer called fahmy hewedy haed lined by " akhta'at ya mwlana = our king you got a wronge " and fahmy said "he desagree with elqaradwy becouse the time and the newspaper how puplish the statments .. and it'll make the Priority for the Conflict betwen the she'a and suna .. not betwen the arabs and isreal .. "
oh , i didn't understand what's the " el mad elshe'e =the Prevalence of she'a " untill now .. any body know ?
i think everyone is responsible enough to be sure about his religion and believe !
.. and Suddenly we have reply from young brotherhood member called meneem mahmoud about fahmy hewedy article .. the headline of meneem article .. is " no we're the worngers " !
and meneem said a lot of funny statements i heard for 1st time !
meneem is said alote of ( facts ) i think he's sure about .. an let's see few of them..
1st .. el qaradawy is Represent of the moderate Islam .. which moderate Islam elqaradawy is represent ?
2nd .. meneem is said he don't like Iranian influence in iraq and other places .. by the way i can hear the same statement from bush :-) ...
3rd ..meneem said el qaradwy statement is not mean Racism anti iranians .. so what's elqaradawy statement mean, meneem ?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the 1st post

i don't know what i have to write in my 1st post here .. but i think i have to introduce myself to you ..
I'm Egyptian gay guy living in Cairo .. around 20 .. i think i'm 100% sr8 acting ... so if i don't tell you about my real ID you'll never know about!
i didn't choice to be a gay .. and have a different feelings about sex and for sure life !
i against Mubarak regim from before 2005 .. i caring about alot things in life like political culture, and etc
to be honest the blogging resolution was so hard because i know a lot of blogs and some bloggers as well from very long time ..
like the star wael abbas and also our 1st intersting gay blog karem azmy
so .... i was thinking about ... i'll write anything i want online .. and have comments from ppl maybe call me by " khawal = bad word in arabic " or " kafer = non-believer "!
and they thinking themselves like gods !
i won't spend say ... hey .. gay life is not choise .. and hello .. i do believe in god !
so .. i choice to blogging by english .. to be away for all this fucken things

i'll talk about every think in this page .. I'll make my mind free to say all i want ..

maybe I'll blog about some hot guy i saw in night .. or maybe i blog about some great sex i had ..
or about the fucken three relationships i got ..or maybe about moubarak and goverment .. or maybe about some nice movie i watch .. actully i don't know ...
but i'll blogging ...:-)